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BC Flyfishers AuSable River Fishing Trip May 15-18

3 days guided fishing on the famous AuSable River in the Adirondacks.

We will be staying at the Ledgerock at Whiteface.

We have special group rates and need to confirm the number of rooms we need so you must make a commitment by April 15 if you plan to go.

Cancellations must be made on or before April 30 for Refunds (excluding $25)

Most will be staying in a double so it is up to you to identify your room-mate.

Singles are available for anyone requiring one.


The TOTAL cost of lodging for each individual will be:

Staying in a single $262

Staying in a double $143.50


Each attendee will pay their share of the room balance on their own when they get there.

Balance due per person at checking will be:

Single room $187

Double Room $68.50

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