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BC Flyfishers announces its Annual Fly-Tying Classes for 2018.  Don’t miss this event.  Everyone always has a great time! 

Since we need to order materials, we need to know how many people will be signing up as we must purchase tying materials.  It’s extremely important that you let me know if you intend to participate preferably by January 15.


You may sign up by going to our bcflyfishers web site; PayPal Tickets Tab OR by e-mailing me by responding to this e-mail indicating you want to be included.

 We will be having our fly tying classes on the 4 Saturdays during February from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.  Experience shows that getting out of the house on a cold Saturday and tying with a bunch of like-minded fish story liars is just a plain old good time.

Cost for all 4 classes including materials will be $50.  You may use PayPal to sign up or e-mail me if you intend to pay at the first class.

The Schedule for classes follows:

Feb 3; Killer Streamers – Instructor, John Trainor

Feb; 10; Killer Nymph Patterns – Instructor, Kevin Gilroy

Feb 17; Spring Steelhead Flies – Instructor, John Trainor

Feb 24; Bass Flies – Instructor, Kevin Gilroy

 This year at each class we will be tying 3 flies and teaching how to tie 2 important fishing knots.  All the class materials are supplied but you are encouraged to bring your own tying tools.  Anyone needing tying tools may borrow them from us.  There will be skilled tyers available to sit with anyone requiring assistance or extra instruction.  As always, our classes will involve viewing a video of the fly being tied.  This will be followed by a step by step instruction augmented by video projection on a large screen to allow each participant to follow along.

I hope to see you there.












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